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Sunday, November 9th, 2003
12:27 am - If You Hate Teenagers And You Know It...
clap your hands! Yeah I can already hear those claps! So tonight I went to go see The Standards perform in concert. I went partly because it's been a year and a half since I last saw them, and partly because I wanted to see Ginny and Jamie. Unfortunately I lacked a ride and ended up getting a ride with 2 girls I didn't know. I remember one was named Becca, and the other I can't remember her name I keep thinking it was Kira but I'm probably wrong. They were sweet enough to give me a ride, but that was the only thing sweet about these two. I know they were 17 and 18, but I was hoping that even though they were young they wouldn't be lacking in personality but they were! All they could talk about was how they like TOTALLY like made out with like boys, and like how they are so much cooler than the rest of the world. Yep, they were very very snooty and were treating me with no respect. They were acting like "oh my god she's too uncool to be seen with." Okay, I wasn't being rude to them and the least they could have done was been a little nice to me, but that's probably to hard for bimbo #1 and bimbo #2. And they were bimbos anyone who misspells the word "the" twice isn't all that bright....SERIOUSLY!

If you read my last post you would have seen me write about a 14 year old girl named Jodi that was also very annoying. Well she was at the concert too and called me over to her. Wetalked for a couple of minutes and it was nice to see her in a sober state. She was a lot less annoying than the other 2 girls I was with tonight. You know it's bad when a 14 yr old is less annoying than you are!

Tonight wasn't all bad though, the actual concert was great, seeing Jamie and Ginny was great, and meeting Koni was great. I really am terribly happy to be home and hope that Becca and so-and-so gain some maturity soon....REAL SOON!

P.S. To all the people who read this and like Becca and so-and-so know that I don't expect you to agree with me about them. If you do like them I'm sure it's only because you may have seen a more decent side to them than what I saw tonight.

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Monday, November 3rd, 2003
12:57 am - I Am Jobless Yet Still Have Trouble Finding Time.....
to update my journal! Hey I just thought I'd say that because it sounds like something Scott has told me before. Thank you Scott for kicking me while I'm down! hehehe :)

I'll just post a little something about my Halloween night and last night!

Halloween was a lot of fun Rachel and I went to the Emerald Club (for those of you who don't know it's a gay bar). It was nice not having to pay some crazy cover charge to get in and it was also nice not having to worry about having some sleazy guy hitting on us while we were dressed in such slutty looking outfits! I wanted to be a naughty schoolgirl pirate, but couldn't find any pirate gear at the last minute so I was just a naughty school girl. Rachel was the naughty pirate. We both look completely awesome (though she looked way more awesome than I did). I forgot to take a picture of us but Rachel got one and so did Scott so hopefully they'll turn out decent so the world can see! I kept Rachel telling how we were the obvious straight people in the bar. We were dancing a foot a part, and while everyone else danced with such style and pizazz Rachel and I danced liked retards. Rachel also invented this hot new dance where half your body stays still while the other half dances. We start doing that dance then have to stop because we were laughing hysterically. It was also a lot of fun because they played that "Let's Get It On" song my Marvin Gaye and everyone left the dance floor except Rachel and I. So we were on the dance floor twirling around and dancing like ballerinas, it was too much fun! I also caught this lesbian couple laughing at us. And to think we did these things completely sober! We also visited Scott later on that night for a short while! Scott's a crazy one!

Now on to last night! I went over to Drew's place and was hanging out with Adam, Vic (Adam's wife), and her 2 little brothers Jay and Josh. Josh is 16 and was on the phone with his 14 yr old girlfriend for a very very long time. Anyway later on that night Josh has his girlfriend Jodi come over. She was so incredibly loud, and she got into the vodka and went crazy. She was running around the house screaming, she was yelling in Jay's ear and pushing him around, slapping Drew around and saying really inappropriate things to people. She runs into the living room and tells Vic "I like you, but I hate your husband!" She was calling their pets stupid, yelling at them, and even saying she wanted to kill them. Umm, she also was calling Drew stupid and ugly (I think she was real pissed off that he hid the vodka from her). She was nice to Vic and I though. She kept telling me I was cute and basically told Drew I was a catch and he better keep me around a while. Of course on that same note she asked him "have you f-ed her yet?" to which we just stared at her. And she kept asking but we just didn't say anything to her. This is what a mean about inappropriate comments. She kept also telling Vic her brother was hot and she wanted to f- him. Vic's response was "okay, that's my brother I don't need to hear that." Yeah, Drew and I finally decided to go to bed around 3:30 and you could still hear here being loud downstairs. Well if I do see her again I hope she is more mellowed out and under control. I know she is 14, but I don't care I'm 21 and bitter!

And that's about all for my story time. But I also wanted to add in I LOVE SARA!! :)

current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, September 25th, 2003
3:20 pm - I Just Had A Couple Of Teeth Pulled.
Oh man, stupid crappy braces always making me in more pain! This time I had my top teeth pulled, the actual teeth pulling process didn't hurt at all thank God. The guy who pulled my bottom teeth only gave me 2 shots on each tooth and wouldn't give me anymore because he didn't want my whole face to be numb, he also didn't give gas or give me a prescription for pain killers after he yanked my teeth out! This dentist gave me 4 shots on each tooth(heck maybe it was even 5) and gave me gas and gave me painkillers. Also my other dentist took about 10 minutes to pull each tooth out and this guy took maybe 3 for each tooth. Oh it was lovely! Now here I am home all bloody and in pain. I'm still waiting for my parents to come home with my pain medication so I hope they get here soon. It's always so gross when you are drooling blood so I hope the bleeding stops soon, or at least lessens soon. Okay, I'm grossing myself out talking about this, ewwww! Seeya!

current mood: very bloody

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Monday, September 22nd, 2003
10:35 pm - A Photo For All You Lovely People!

Yay I FINALLY have a new picture of me and now I'm all happy to have a new icon instead of the old blonde picture.Here is a picture of redpunch (Rachel), me and whatinthehell (Sara). It was a picture of us all dressed up and ready to go out dancing while we were in Vegas. Ignore the weird lighting we were in our hotel bathroom, lol. Also Rachel says she looks like a weirdo, but I didn't have to take her out because people would figure out she is sooner or later. Well she IS a weirdo but a super hot one! The only thing to make this picture any hotter is if Charity was in the photo too, but she didn't want to be in the picture, it's okay I still love her.

Aww, does looking at this picture make everyone else miss Sara too??

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
12:56 am - Bye Bye Sara.
Well foks Sara left Tuesday morning for South Carolina. Since she's been there we've already talked on the phone a couple of times, I really really miss her. I know 10 months isn't forever but it sure is going to feel that way until I get to hang out with her again. She was the greatest older sister anyone could ask for, and now I'm sad thinking about how I won't have anyone to chill with in the middle of the night. Heck, I won't even have anyone to chill with during the day!! At least last time when she moved Mel was still here so I got to hang out with her but now I have no one. My house is really really quiet and now I have to deal with my dad's crap all by myself....oh man I can feel the headache coming on just thinking about it. I really hope we can find a way to be able to afford for her to come up here during Christmas.

As for another topic I had a good friend betray me recently. Okay, if someone wants to be mad at me I can deal with that, it's when they start trash talking me to folks that I get angry. Wait, actually I SHOULD be angry about that but more than anything I'm sad and hurt because this was supposed to be someone I could trust. This person was one of my closest friends and even though I was upset over the whole ordeal too I didn't go around saying stuff to other people. I think as bad as my comments got were he is being a jerk, but I'm not making fun of him to people which is what he is doing to me. Well I guess that's how he deals with his anger, which isn't a good way to deal with anger but what can you do, right? And this will be the only thing said about this subject on my journal and basically for a while. I don't really feel like talking about it anymore so this was to those people who were wondering about things. If you were there on the trip I'll still talk to you if you want to though since you were there and understand everything completely.

Blech, also the job hunt shall begin soon. Not working this summer was a nice break, but I'm in desperate need of money so I shall begin working again. I need to pay Sara back for our Vegas trip and I don't want it to take forever. Hopefully it won't take too too long for me to find a job.

current mood: lonely

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
12:40 am - What Do You Get When You....
cross a bungee cord with an owl? My a**!!! Kung Pow is such a brilliant movie isn't it? I mean looking past all the crappy parts it's a brilliant movie....but onto some news....

Drew and I are back together as of Tuesday, I would say Monday since he called me then, but it wasn't really discussed in full detail that we would be back together. We both said it would be worth giving it another shot but I still had some fears, which left after I was able to see him on Tuesday. Okay, I know some people might think I'm stupid for going back, and you may be right, but for the time being I don't feel stupid. I also wanted to mention that again my friends showed me how wonderful they truly are. I made them listen to me cry and be a downer for a couple of days and all of them said really sweet supportive things so I thank you all for that. I have the greatest friends in the world!!!

I'm supposed to be leaving on Thursday to take a trip to Las Vegas. Things got off track for a while but last I heard things were back on track, let's just hope that is still the case today, and it will continue to be the case tomorrow.


current mood: excited

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Saturday, August 30th, 2003
3:18 pm - Unfortunately This Is One Of Those Sad Posts....
Yep, I have no happy news for everyone today. Last night me and Drew broke up, well actually it's a "break" while we both think about things but until the thinking is through we are broken up. I am quite a mess right now haven't had much sleep, and haven't had anything to eat in almost a day. Well I know I'll be talking to him before I leave for Vegas on Thursday so maybe possibly he will have everything figured out by then. I guess not knowing for sure it the worst thing. I already spent my time thinking all last night, and basically the past month also. He really hasn't had to deal with the other things that caused me to think about us so I know he is going to need some time. Hopefully just not too much time because I feel like a whole lot of crap right now. I can't get ahold of any of my friends either so it's really not helping me any. I tried making plans with a couple of them for today this whole past week but it looks like that fell through. I can't just sit around my house, it's really just making me feel worse. I need some dang fresh air and sun. I'm allowing comments on this just because I don't think it's fair for me to make this post public and then not allow anyone to say anything to me. To all my close friends call me and make me feel better, well I don't think you'll make me feel better but you won't make me feel any worse. It's so funny you never realize how much you truly care about someone til they are gone. :(

current mood: numb

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
4:12 pm - Here's How My Birthday Went!!!!!
The first thing I did to celebrate my Birthday was go and get myself a new id card. It was wonderful I haven't gotten one since right before I turned 18 and back then I was still chubby from that whole crappy thyroid thing, plus I had a bad haircut!

After that I went out to eat with my family at the Cazba, that place rules mmmm mmmm. I came back home and all my friends arrived so I opened up all of my gifts (thanks everyone they were great) and blew out birthday candles with Earl. Oooooh, I almost forgot to mention Earl learned the song "Runaway Train" on his guitar and played it for me while Rachel sang lyrics that she made up to the song (maybe Earl made some up too, I'm not sure). Rachel said she would be posting them up so hopefully she isn't lying because it's one of the coolest songs ever written, I'll cherish it forever.

Then we went to bars. I went with whatinthehell (Sara) redpunch (Rachel) luvc27 (Charity) Earl and Matt. The first place we went was The Balcony, we got our free birthday drinks (Jamaican Wet Dream I think) then we left since it was pretty much empty. After that we headed to Bar Time where we got our free drinks (Long Island) and danced in front of the window like morons. Some guy had us ladies blow on his dice for goodluck, yep we are lucky! Then we headed to Hannahs and were there maybe 3 minutes just enough time for us to get our free watermelon shot. After that we went to my personal favorite place which was The Emerald Club...I got a Kahlua And Cream as my free drink and it was oh so very very tasty. Then we danced to the good 80's music and newer poppy music. Well we promised Scott we'd go to the Big Easy to go dancing with him (he is only 20) there they wanted too much effort for a free drink so we didn't bother. After dancing there we were all really really tired so we came home and watched Chicago (the Dvd Rachel and Charity got me).

Man oh man it was a fabulous night! I wanted to add a couple more things Sara made me the raddest card she turned my birthday card made for a brother into a birthday card made for a "brotha." She put a pic of 50 cent on the front and inside it had a poem and she changed the words to turn it into a ghetto fabulous poem! Thank you Sara that card should go with me everywhere from now on (not really, but still).

Last but not least I want to thank Meir mc_soy for the birthday post he wrote for me and Earl. Thank you Meir I'll consider that as being your gift to me.

I hope everyone who has yet to hit 21 has just as great of a 21st birthday as I did.

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
12:00 am - Guess Who Is 21 Today????!?!?!?!?
Well if you guessed Kristi, you are right, and if you guessed Earl you're also right! Yep it's past midnight so it's officially one of the coolest days of the year. I'm very excited to be 21 not because I want to become a drunken idiot, but because now I can do cool things like karaoke and then karaoke some more. I'm excited for today, I hope it's as cool as Rachel's 21st bday was (not that I got to hang out but it sounded rad). I'm going to have such a great night tonight hanging out with all the cool kids, and it's going to be extra rad being able to have a joint 21st celebration with Earl. I'll update later to talk about how rad it went but for now everyone just wish Earl and I a happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARL!!! (that one was from me)

current mood: excited

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Sunday, July 20th, 2003
5:15 pm - The Coolest Party Ever!!!!
Yes I did, and if I say it was the coolest party ever then trust me it was. I've been to many cool parties and this one takes the cake! It was held over at Meir's old house. He and his little sister both invited some people over. It was a little weird at first having these 17 year old people hanging around, especially since I didn't know any of them. But they all left pretty early on (except one couple) and so did a few other people I didn't know. So basically it was just Rachel, Stewie, Scott, Earl, Meir, Daaaaave and myself. Oh man we had some crazy crazy good times. So here are some highlights of the night.

-Meeting "The Trickler"
-Scott singing and dancing loudly to "Rock the Cazbah" over and over again.
-Earl pulling down his pants around his knees singing that lollipop song.
-Pushing Earl down the stairs causing Scott to go into a fit of laughter
-Rachel and Iplaying "keep away" with Scott and Stewie but it ended up those 2 drunks were keeping the ball away from us!
-Talking with a almost passed out Earl (before Daaave dumped alcohol on me)
-Drunken Scott constantly telling these 2 blondes that showed up how hot they were.
-Scott bothering Rachel about Stewie, and how cute it was that Scott liked Stewie so much.
-Watching Porn with Meir, Scott, Daaaaaaave, and Rachel
-Ending the night with some Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Rachel and I even cleaned up after everyone before we left. It seems like they all appreciated that which is a good thing. Even though we didn't cause a mess we figured it would be nice for us to clean instead of hungover people. Awwww!! Oh yeah, I fell over many many times from the drunks using me to hold them up. Once the started falling they didn't let me go so I fell with them. And our "keep away" game was harsh we were tackling each other. I fell on my face and skidded across the carpet on it. It hurt but it was funny at the same time. The worst pain though is on the left side of my ribcage, there's a lump there and that's just not cool. Ah well, it was worth it!! Hopefully Meir waits til next Friday to throw his party instead of Thursday I want to go again.

One more thing! I got to hang out with a real life monkey before I went to the party. Her name is Ana is she is too cute, she is the kind of monkey that Ross had on Friends. I got to see her because my bf's friends Adam and Vic were babysitting it for Vic's aunt. I had drew take plenty of pictures of her so one day hopefully within a few months you'll all get to see them too. She was a sweetheart it makes me wish I could babysit a monkey! :)

current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
10:57 pm - Constellations, Earl, And The Police Officer.
Oh lord that was the hardest subject to think of yet, and it sucks. I don't know but my brain is all mushy probably from sleeping til 3 in the afternoon and then watching movies all day. I feel I should update my journal and since I've already told this story to a few people I'm sorry you have to hear it again!

So Rachel, Mel and I hung out with Earl and Meir on the 4th. Earl rented a bunch of movies for us to watch but we only got around to watching 2 of them. He said he would bring a couple of them before Tuesday (when they were due back) so I could watch them. He told me he would call me sometime on Saturday and at about 8:30ish I decided to call him and ask him when he was bring over my Harry Potter movie!!! He brought it over last night and Mel, he and I watched it together. Earl was going to leave right after that but our conversation started talking about things (yep, those things we talked about on Thursday) and one thing led to another and we were talking about random nothingness til 3 am. Sara wanted to go to bed so she kicked us out. Walking outside I looked up at the sky and started telling him about how I took astronomy in 8th grade but can't remember more than a few of the constellations. Well I had a choice go to Sharis, or go hang out in the mall parking lot to look at the stars and invent our own constellations. Well considering my stomach was hurting I chose the stars (besides it sounded cooler than boring old Sharis).....and here's where the fun begins.

It was way too cold to be outside so we hung out in his trunk thing and he put his heat on full blast. We made up constellations (such as the Big Dipper turning into the Big Funnel) and just talked about really stupid things. I was laughing about how funny it would be for a cop to come by and maybe an hr or so into the fun a cop did show up! He pulled up behind us with his lights flashing everywhere. He asked for our id's but I had nothing on me so I had to give him my name and birthdate. He left and we waited a few minutes for him to come back, he handed Earl back his driver's license but asked me to get out of the car to talk to him in private. I walk over to where he is and he goes "first off I need to ask if he is holding you against your will." I tell him "no we are friends, we go waaaaay back." Then he says "okay well do you have a license?" and I say "no I don't drive" and then he said "well have you ever had a license in the state of Idaho?" and I say "No I don't know how to drive." So then he asks me if I have ever been in trouble and I tell him that I have not. Then he says "oh well that explains why it's coming up with no record of you." So I say "Ahhhhh, I don't exist." Tehehehehe, he basically says we can stay but if anyone else calls and complains he'll have to ask us to leave.

So time passes on and the 2 of us are getting really tired and stupid (I forgot to mention, Earl had to work in the morning and since he stayed up so late he decided to stay up the whole night). I began singing old choir songs really loudly and off key, and who do you think sneaks up on us? Yep, that's right Mr. Police Officer he said another person called up about us but since he was working that area the rest of the night that we could stay and he'll ignore any other calls he gets on us. It just made me laugh because he was parked over on the side of the road and not in the mall parking lot, which is a lot closer. I think he was sneaking up on us just to make sure no hanky panky, or other illegal activity was going on. The cop was too funny, too funny for his own good.

So finally a little after 7 a.m. Earl dropped me off at home, it was cool and fun! I really missed nights of doing nothing but acting stupid, I should do it more often.

current mood: gooder

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
11:12 pm - Naked Old Men....
If that didn't get your attention nothing will! I bet you're thinking I don't actually have a story about a naked old man, but I do! I was visiting my mom at the hospital, sitting on her bed and looking out her door. Across the hall there is a little old man walking out of his room. He is wearing a shirt and some blue drawstring pants. He stops at his door, lifts his shirt up and looks like he is trying to grab his drawstrings. Before he gets the chance his pants fall to the floor!! He had on NO underwear and his goods were shaved, oh what I lovely sight it was. I turned away in case he saw me laughing and I quietly told the rest of my family what happened. When I looked out again a couple of nurses were in his room talking to him, probably telling him to keep his pants on! It was the funniest sight ever, I swear the look on the old mans face when it happened was priceless. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Could things get any funnier than that?......NO!

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Monday, May 26th, 2003
11:02 pm - I'm Angry, So Read All About It!!!
Oh Okay, so this day starts off pretty late because I slept in til about 3 o clock. I have some cooking to do so I check my email and stuff then get to my food. At 5 o' clock I get a phone call from my boss asking me why I am not at work today. I'm in shock because it's Memorial Day and I thought we were closed seeing as how we are a small local business that barely gets enough customers on a normal day. I tell him I didn't know I was scheduled and he says he asked me weeks ago and wrote it on the schedule. I don't EVER remember him asking me to work Memorial Day so he probably asked me when I wasn't paying attention and probably said "Would you be willing to work a Monday sometime" or something Andy like that. And not knowing he meant today I probably said okay. We have schedules put up on the back door for 2 weeks at a time, though this past time it had 6 weeks up (2 other schedules being in front of the new one) so when I looked at it I didn't bother checking Memorial day because I thought we were closed and I usually go in on Tuesdays. I thought he would verbally tell me that I would work today. If he said "seeya on Monday" Saturday when I left I wouldn't have cared, but the fact he called me today while I was in the middle of cooking ticked me off. So I went into work at 5:30 with my sister and chilled with her. The whole time I was there we got 2 orders (both of which I worked on), and then Andy came at about 8. Jesse told Andy I did nothing even though he asked me to do things and that I was angry or something like that. So Andy takes me to the back and tells me what Jesse said. I'm furious at this point because Jesse had yet to say one word to me the whole day, not even hi, so how can he say he asked me to do stuff? So I told Andy I didn't really do anything but Jesse never asked me to do anything either. So Andy asked Jesse and he says "No, I didn't but it's work so I thought she'd work." I told Andy I didn't know what to do, and he said "well ummm, hmmm, you could have mopped." I told him the floor looked clean so I didn't think about it. You see we didn't open til 4 today, and only got 2 orders so the place was pretty much clean except for a tiny mess on the counter. Not only that we were closed Sunday so no one could have left anything to do on Sunday. And Saturday night I was working and we had the place all spotless by the time I left so there literally wasn't anything to do. Jesse is a tattle tale, and while I did do nothing and I was angry I don't think it was his place to tattle to Andy, what a baby! He is 30 something and his wife and kids always come in to work and he always hangs out with them, and no one complains about that. He even got a girl fired at the Subway next door from his tattle telling.....now enough about stupid Jesse, let's get back to Andy.

So Andy is pissed, I'm pissed and we both don't want me there anymore. Well Andy does want me to work but he knows I don't want to. So we both talk it out and decided that if he ever needs me I'll come in if I get at least a days notice, and if I want to I can go back in a couple or a few weeks after destressing. Well I already can tell you I wouldn't want to go back on a regular schedule there because of what happened today, and other days. If it's humanly possible for me to show up when someone needs me I go even if I don't want to, yet if I need someone to fill in for me no one is willing to help out. And while I didn't do much today I usually do a lot more than everyone else. Like Saturday Israel left early, and goofed off a lot, Andy hung out with his friend and I cleaned up and did all the closing basically by myself. So I feel very upset that I was treated like a bad employee for being pissed and lazy one day out of the almost 2 years that I have been there for them! So really Andy, Joni, Israel and Mandy are all cool in my book I just don't like Jesse. Another funny thing is he always acts like he does everything and complains to Andy about it, but then if he is doing something like making dough and you try helping him out he always gives you mean looks then tells Andy he gets treated like he isn't needed. He's crazy, once he learns more English he should really find a job where he works more by himself then there is no way he can complain.

I am feeling happy about being away, though I feel angry at Jesse for making up lies. So everyone can give me a hug and Jesse a crotch kicking, I would really like that!!

current mood: annoyed

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2:49 am - Just To Piss You All Off!
First let me start off by saying I'm sorry I haven't really replied too much to many journals lately. The reason is is because my Netscape is being crazy and won't let me! I can use Internet Explorer but I hate having to log in, so the only time I do reply is when I use IE..which is rarely because it makes me angry! Here read this lovely survey and feel pissed I put it on my journal. I'm actually not too bad some people like half their entries are either surveys or quiz results, so hey, don't hate me too too TOO much!

I AM: Kristi
I THINK: I ate too much today
I KNOW: That I ate too much today
I WANT: Lots of things, I'm greedy
I HAVE: to remove my makeup
I WISH: That I wasn't so afraid of everything
I HATE: All the annoying people of the world
I MISS: American Idol, make it come back right now!
I FEAR: Just about everything
I HEAR: The sound of Tobi's water filter, it's annoying.
I SEARCH: For Mel's story about the decapitated football jersey
I WONDER: If I'll ever be able to afford to move out of my mom and dads place (oh god!)
I REGRET: Stuff, but you know there's nothing I can do to change it so it's no big woop.
I LOVE: The warm weather, all my favorite people, the tv, the internet, and ranch dressing.
I CARE: about what the people I respect think about me
I ALWAYS: am on the internet
I AM NOT: the nicest person you'll ever meet
I DANCE: like a combination of Pee Wee Herman, Steve Urkel, and Bill Cosby
I SING: off key and loudly when I'm styling my hair
I CRY: like a sissy, I need to toughen up
I DO NOT ALWAYS: wash my face before falling asleep
I FIGHT: for my right to party....err.....no, never mind
I WRITE: like an 8 year old child
I WIN: board games against Drew, actually I only did once, but who cares!
I LOSE: my mind all the time, mental breakdowns RULE!
I CONFUSE: everyone, but mostly Drew he doesn't understand my humor
I LISTEN: to good music
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: at home having no life
I NEED: to exercise more than once a week
I AM HAPPY ABOUT: not having to work tomorrow
I SHOULD: be sleeping

[Jewelry worn daily]: my lip ring and that's all folks
[Pillow cover]: the majority of the time I fall asleep on the couch so I have no pillow, but the pillow on my bed has a mickey mouse cover, I stole it away from Sara muhamuha!
[Shoes]: which pair? In the summer I usually walk around in flip flops
[Favorite top]: I'm not too too fond of any of them at the moment, so I'll go with the one that makes me look the thinnest!
[Favorite bottoms]: my cool khaki capris, or my jean skirt because wearing it makes me feel girly
[Cologne/Perfume]: Clinique Happy
[CD in stereo right now]: TGUK "On A Wire"
[Piercings]: lip
[Hair]: auburn, well I dyed it brown but it faded almost to my natural hair color, though my natural hair color is a bit darker
[What you are wearing now]: a sexy Curious George tshirt, and my sleepy time shorts that have a drawstring waist.....ooh I can let it all hang out!
[In my mouth]: your tongue.....oh wait, that's my tongue
[In my head]: a stupid song
[Wishing]: Sara was home so I could tell her something crazy.
[After this]: I'm taking my makeup off
[Talking to]: nobody
[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]: My mom's upcoming surgery going perfectly, Warped Tour, Boise River Festival, and all the wonderful summer birthdays.
[The last thing you ate?]: vanilla icecream
[Some of your favorite movies]: Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Newsies, The Ice Cream Man, Audrey Hepburn movies, old movies in general
[Something that you are deathly afraid of]: spiders, dying, being alone..and I don't mean home alone I mean being 50 and having no friends, and all my family being far away.
[Do you like incense]: that's a weird thing to ask, not particularly
[Do you believe in love]: yes
[Do you believe in love at first sight]: well probably not, but who knows!
[Do you believe in forgiveness]: yes
[If you could have any animal for a pet]: my 3 babies I already have
[What are 3 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]: Boise, Salt Lake City, umm somewhere else?
[What are some of your favorite pig out foods?]: ranch dressing, chocolate, blizzards, buffalo chicken sandwiches from Dennys, ohhhhhhh FOOOOOOOOOOOOD yum!
[What's something you wish you could understand better?]: this requires thinking and it's too late for that

[In the last 24 hours, have you]
1. Cried: nah, I'm not a pansy right now
2. Bought something: food for me and Rach, a movie for me and Rach
3. Gotten sick: from eating too much, but I didn't puke if that's what you mean, puking is for the weak
4. Sang: yes I did
5. Eaten: I like starving myself, and by starving myself I mean eating more than 3 fat man combined
6. Been kissed: I've avoided it at all costs, kidding.
7. Felt stupid: it's my job
8. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: I love all of you, oh well not you
9. Met someone new: umm some guy that works at Sharis that Scott knows, though I didn't meet them I just shook their hand, does that count?
10. Moved on: hum?
11. Talked to an ex: what?
12. Missed an ex: who?
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: Yes *giggles like a school girl*
14. Had a serious talk: well I think the conversation about the elastic on my underwear is serious, but I doubt you do
15. Missed someone: uhhhhhhhhhhhh
16. Hugged someone: yes! I get no kisses but I get plenty of huggins, even though I had to force Earl for one, he's mean like that. At least Scott is always willing to give me a hugging and a leg humping!
17. Fought with your parents: no
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: no

01. Have you known the longest: my family, non family wise Candace
02. Do you argue the most with: my dad
03. Do you always get along with: Rachel
04. Is the trustworthiest: Tiffany, Rachel, Sara, some internet folks because if they tell other people I don't care cuz I don't know them!
05. Makes you laugh the most: Rachel
06. Has been there through all the hard times: my family
08. Has the coolest siblings: besides me? I'd go with Ginny because I like hitting on her brother Eric
09. Is the most blunt: Earl
10. Is the smartest: I'll let them fight it out.

01. Who is your role model: no one really
02. What are some of your pet peeves: hussys, frat boy woo type males, people who lie all the time, people who expect a lot from you but give you nothing in return
03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: yes! In 8th grade I had a crush on a popular boy, years later (like the end of last yr) I had the chance of talking to him again. Talking to him again made me realize the people I have no chance with I wouldn't want a chance with because they're annoying as sin.
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: of course
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: nah, not really
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): yes, I do lie, but who doesn't? And I never lie bad enough that if they found out they would be mad at me or hate me
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: heck yeah!!!
08. dumper or dumped: dumpedless...unless you count this 1 month stupid relationship I had at 15, then I was the dumped. But I didn't really care when it happened, HAW!
09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationship
10. Want someone you don't have right now: erm, not that I know of
12. Do you want to get married: in the future
13. Do you want kids: right now I don't see myself wanting them
14. Do you believe in psychics: some, but not the ones you call for 4.99 a minute
15. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: who knows, who cares, I'm flippin 20!
16. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: my eyelashes, and my cheeks, I used to love my hair but it's all jacked up now
17. What is your favorite part of your emotional being: I'm caring, but I tend to worry to much so that kinda sucks
18. Are you happy with you: uhh, someetimes yes somtimes no
19. Are you happy with your life: PFFFFFT! Ask me that in 5 years, if I'm still saying pfft someone hurt me!
20. If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: I wish I wasn't living at home

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Friday, May 16th, 2003
10:58 pm - What Is It....
What is it about lovely warm weather that makes me want to eat like a pig? These past couple of weeks I've been eating like crazy! I keep getting fast food just like I did all last summer. Someone stop me from doing it! Okay, well I guess you really can't stop me so I'll stop myself before I end up a big fatty!

current mood: stuffed like a pig

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
11:48 pm - The Orthodontist Is Evil!
As everyone knows I had this thing stuck on to the roof of my mouth to widen my palette. Anyway, it has this little "key" that people use on it to tighten everyday, up until 2 weeks ago the people turning it were doing it wrong (not their fault). Well Monday I woke up in pain from it and it got worse on Tuesday, and even worse today. So today I skipped work even though Andy sounded very ticked about it, but come on I was in crying pain and taking 4 advils at one time (which did nothing). I headed to my orthodontist and told them how I haven't been able to eat much or sleep much and they took it off. It hurt a lot more for them to take it off then having it on, let me tell you that! I actually began crying at the orthodontists even though I tried my hardest not to. So now my teeth are sore, my gums are cut and swollen, and the roof of my mouth has this ugly blister looking thing on it. I'm feeling a lot better now though, but I'm not looking forward to getting a new one put on on Friday. The new one is the all metal type, and I don't know if it gets tightened daily or what but it's supposed to not dig into the roof of my mouth like the other one did. Hoo-ray!

I've been having a lot of stress these past 2 weeks from various things, and hopefully this mouth thing will be the last awful thing I have to deal with for a while. Spring time is supposed to be a happy time so why is it that so many people are having an awful time lately? It just doesn't make sense....

current mood: sore

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
12:04 am - This Is Long Overdue.
Hi everyone, I know ya'll missed me but I'm back now.

I had a dermatologist appointment today and my derm told me I needed to have blood work done. He sent me to have that done, and the lady who took my blood completely made my day, or at least hour. She rubbed the cotton ball with alcohol on my inner elbow and it turned all dirty looking from my sunless tan coming off on it. I laughed and showed her and said "it makes it look like I'm dirty when it's really sunless tanner." She said "wow, I was just about to tell you you have a really nice tan." I was in so much shock because this tan is a week old, and week old tans aren't the prettiest of things. It's a tad splotchy in my inner elbows, and the color is pretty light. She started asking about sunless tanners and I told her how to use them, and told her to check out http://www.sunless.com. She was telling me about how a lady at some salon sold her a bottle but she was too afraid to use it. We continued talking about them until another woman came to have her blood work done. Gosh, I was so thrilled, I love when people compliment my 100% fake tan.....especially when I think they look like crap!

The rest of the day sucked from then on. I got home, called Drew and had a nice long chat with him for 3 hours. It has left me with a big headache, and I feel pretty light headed too. Things are all spiffy now, and I feel so proud that I actually was able to say everything I wanted to say. So let's all hope things go well for more than a week or two, because I would really hate to say goodbye to him. I'm actually very fond of him and I think that would just suck. P.s. he hasn't done anything bad, and I'm not mad just disapointed with our current situation. As for *some* people on here please do not comment about our relationship, you don't care for him, and I never cared for any of your bfs. We have decided it's better that way and nothing will change. I know you think he is boring, but we do actually have a lot of fun together. He really isn't boring he is just shy. Hahaha, but you can still call him boring just don't tell me he isn't worth it

current mood: hopeful

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Saturday, March 29th, 2003
12:15 am - Random Nothingness...But That Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Read It
I went to see the play Murder On The Rerun again and both Mel and Rachel did an awesome job. There were some mess ups tonight but I still think the humor was able to outweigh any mistakes they may have had. Of course my favorite parts are when the guy who plays Dominic trips and falls on the stage and also the part where his face is covered in chocolate. For being such a poorly written play the cast really pulled it off and made it worth the 16 dollars I had to spend to go. Drew even said it wasn't that bad, but he could've been lying just so I wouldn't kick him.

The braces are going okay, my cheeks are still all cut up and my front lip is getting caught in my braces still. At least I figured out WHY they are doing that now though. I hope my palette is spread enough by my next appointment on Thursday, since this darn thing at the top of my mouth is annoying.

I really feel like baking a cake tonight. I love baking and it will keep me entertained since Sara and Mel are both gone. As much as I want to bake one tonight I'll wait til tomorrow night since no one is here and I want it to still be fresh by the time they get back. I also should cook and freeze that bag of chicken for myself, but touching raw meat is gross so I'll put that off until tomorrow night too.

Well this post sucked, I guess I lied you really SHOULDN'T have read it. But since you have you might as well comment.

current mood: hungry

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Friday, March 21st, 2003
11:54 pm - The Braces Are On!!!!!
Well I got them put on this morning and so far it hasn't been all that fun. Not only do I have braces put they also put this "appliance" (it has a proper name, but thats usually what the ppl at the ortho office call it) at the roof of my mouth. I have it on to widen my palette and every day I tighten it a little more for 2 weeks. If it works properly my front teeth should have a gap in between them. Ooh, so I have braces, 2 missing teeth, AND I'll be getting a gap too I'm going to be one hot mama! I can't talk with that darn appliance in my mouth, I sound like a complete idiot. I sound like I'm talking baby talk, I can only imagine what people will think when they call in to order a pizza at work. My mom and Mel both think I sound cute but my dad thinks I sound like a dork. I have to agree with my dad on this one, I DO sound like a dork. And I know some of you know how much I hate baby talk (well it's cool for babies, and cute animals but not humans) so sounding like this is torture for me. Another stinky thing is my upper lip keeps getting caught in my 2 front teeth, please tell me this will go away after a while. I'll be skipping work tomorrow and hopefully I'll be feeling up to going on Sunday because I like money.

Anyway today did have some high points my sweet old parents bought me some lovely flowers, and Drew stopped by to cuddle with me. Aww, aww AWWW. Oh yeah, and I put my lip ring in and it hasn't been getting caught in my braces like I thought it might. So unless it starts I think I'll be able to keep it. Well I'm going to go and try to stay awake a little bit longer since I only woke up 6 hours ago. Comment or die

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Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
4:49 am - Being Violated Sucks!!!!
Friday night I went out with Rachel and Scott because they are so cool! Anyway we were having a jolly good time driving around when Rachel saw a couple of people she knew (with a guy she didn't know). They are all in high school still but she knew them since she was miss friendly back in school, plus I think they know her younger brother (who is also a senior too). Point is we began talking to them in a parking lot, they wanted to go to Sharis so we thought why the hell not. We get there and things are going well enough and after a few hours we leave. We are outside talking and decide to hang out in the van to talk to stay warm and here's where things go bad..........

Scott took my seat up front by Rachel and Levi and Doug (was him name Doug?) took the middle seats so I was stuck in the back seat with Tom. Everything was going fine and dandy we talked and laughed at The New Sweethearts. Then Tom asks me about my lip ring and if it's fun to kiss with it. I just give him the thumbs up and when he asked again I repeated my motion. Then he asked how it was for giving oral sex. I said "uhhh, oh my god!" and he is like "no, seriously tell me." I was like "seriously, shutup." I don't know but you don't go around asking people you don't know that question, and if you do you shouldn't seriously expect an answer. So they he goes off on how he has never kissed a girl with a lip ring and I just said "too bad" and he asked to kiss me and I said "NO" he said "come on" and I said "NO" he said "please" and I said "kiss Levi." So then he said "just a small kiss" I tap his cheek and lean in to give him a peck on the cheek. The little freak turns his head and tries to kiss me so I grab his head and turn it the other way. Right about now I'm getting terribly disturbed by him and then he pulls another one of his annoying little stunts. He just reaches over and grabs my boob!!!!!!! I sternly (I didn't really yell because I didn't want to upset everyone) not to do that and then told him he shouldn't just do that to someone. When he grabbed me I grabbed his wrist and shoved it off me too. Then the twerp had the nerve to call me a tease, I think to be a tease you need to be flirting in some way. Believe me I'm not going to flirt with short chubby acnefied high schoolers, it's just not my thing! The rest of the time he kept saying "she doesn't like me because I grabbed her" and I kept saying "so is it time to leave?"

I told this story to people at work and everyone said I should have hit him, I just don't have it in me to hit anyone I don't know (I only jokingly hit people I do know) so I didn't. Though here we are on Sunday morning and I'm still feeling upset over the whole situation, now I wish not only would I have hit him but also killed him. Being violated sucks!!!!!!!!

current mood: murderous!

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